Write it out

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Want a quick and effective method to get organized, prioritize your day, release mental and emotional stress, calm the monkey mind and get clarity on just about any area of your life?


Write it out!


That’s right. The solution is as close as your pen and paper. I call it power journaling.


Now, when I say journaling, I’m not referring to a daily diary where you record your every thought and human encounter. With power journaling, you write things down with a specific intention in mind.


For example, writing for 15 minutes first thing in the morning can help you clarify your priorities for the day. Writing for 15 minutes at night can help you release any concerns, worries or unfinished business from the day.


Putting things on paper quiets the monkey mind. Writing things down literally pulls them out of your head and transfers them to the paper or computer screen. Writing is like a neutralizer. When you write down your worry thoughts, your mind doesn’t have to keep churning away on it, over and over. When you see it on paper, you can step back and see the bigger picture. Power journaling is a great way to solve problems.


What’s the # 1 problem you would like to solve? Write it down. Meditate on it. Expect to receive an answer.

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