What’s in your world?

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Ahh, the beauty of spring. The birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming. It’s a season of possibility and new beginnings.


What is possible in your world? What is your compelling vision for this new season? Forget for a moment about how things ARE. Imagine the infinite possibilities that surround you. How might your world look then?


As I pondered this for myself, I identified 8 aspects to my vision of what’s possible…a sort of “Karin’s Manifesto” if you like. Here goes….


In my world….


  • We take 100% responsibility for our own health and happiness.
  • We live from inspiration rather than from fear.
  • We don’t react, we respond.
  • We don’t dwell on the past or worry about the imagined future. We stay present and awake in this moment.
  • We allow all of our feelings rather than distract ourselves from them.
  • We run toward what delights us, not away from what scares us. In fact, we run toward what scares us too.
  • We acknowledge and value our own contribution to the whole.
  • We live full out.


Your turn. What’s in YOUR world?


Do any of those stand out for you? How about the first one? Just by being part of this community, you’re taking control of your health.


But what about the happiness piece? Are you taking full responsibility for your own happiness as well? Think about yesterday. Can you pinpoint a happy moment or two? What about today? How are you tending to your own happiness today? What does happiness look and feel like for you?

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  • I really enjoy your words,, ideas, energy….

    scott kyle April 20, 2017, 5:58 amReply

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