The scale is not your friend

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Do you weigh yourself multiple times per week? Do you have a set of “fat clothes” that you used to wear or “skinny clothes” you hope to get back into? While we often think these things are helpful, they are just some of the ways we needlessly torture ourselves. Why do we do it? The scale is not your friend. Be kind to yourself instead. Here’s how:


  1. If you absolutely must get on the scale, do it AT MOST once per week. For best results, weigh yourself first thing in the AM before you eat, drink or put on clothes. Your weight can fluctuate a good 4-5 pounds from one day to the next depending on how much water you drink, how much salt you intake and a number of other factors. That’s why weekly weigh-ins are more accurate than daily ones.


  1. Unclutter your mind and your closet by donating or selling clothes that no longer fit you. If they are too big, congratulations! No need to keep them. If they are too small, no big deal. While we often think keeping clothes that are too small is an incentive to drop the pounds, for most of us it is counterproductive. Instead, it’s really a daily reminder that you are too big for them. Best to get rid of them now, and then celebrate your weight loss when it happens by buying new clothes.


How else might you be kind to yourself today?

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