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Tech-Free Retreat

Relax, Reflect and Rejuvenate in Just 4 Days

Have you ever gone 4 days without your computer, phone, TV or even a watch? Sounds impossible, right? After all, people depend on you. You have deadlines. People to see and places to be. I get it. But what if you could put all those obligations and distractions on “pause” for a few days? What could your day look like then? How would you feel? What if a “time out” were the very thing you needed to recharge your batteries and reignite your passion for life?


Imagine this…

Waking up whenever you feel like it. No alarms, pings or dings.

Feeling relaxed and peaceful…for the entire day

Indulging in simple, guilt-free pleasures like laughing, stretching, hiking or coloring

Experiencing more creativity, spontaneity, gratitude and flow

All of this and more is part of the 4-day “Tech-Free” Retreat in Catalina. You’ll learn techniques to stay grounded, centered and present. You’ll nourish your body with delicious food and mindful movement. You’ll experience every moment as new…just like you did when you were a kid. You’ll also have time to reflect and rediscover what’s really important to you.

“Live This Moment” Mastery and Retreat

Dare To Be Aware

It’s time to unplug the robot. The one that dwells on the past or worries about the future. The one that puts her shoes on the same way every day – without even thinking about it. The one with a giant to-do list. The one that often criticizes herself, judges herself and lives in her head. There is another way.


During this 8-week program, you’ll go beyond the usual “react or distract” mode. You’ll let go of unsupportive past conditioning. You’ll learn to feel grounded and peaceful regardless of what is going on around you. You will re-ignite your enthusiasm for life. We will then travel together to Spain, where we will walk 250 miles along the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route. It’s the ultimate in living in the moment. You will feel fully alive and free – perhaps for the first time – experiencing every moment as new. Enjoy a sense of awe and wonder like you did when you were a kid. No distractions. No obligations. No expectations. Nowhere to be.


This mastery-level program and retreat is open to 8 adventurers who Dare To Be AwareTM and have completed the “Create Radical Change” Program.

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