Put your mask on first

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One of the best pieces of advice comes to us from the airline industry: It is important to place your oxygen mask on first before assisting others. Sounds obvious, right? We can understand why this is important when traveling with children, but this is true of life in general. What if you lived your whole life like this? Fill your own cup first, and then give to others from the overflow. The problem is that most of us (women especially) are not filling our own cups. Somewhere along the way we are taught to give, give, give – often at the expense of ourselves. Our society values martyrs and considers us selfish if we focus on our own needs. Hogwash!


Pause for a moment to consider how ridiculous that is. By definition, you cannot give to others what you don’t have. You cannot show love and compassion for others, for example, if you don’t truly love yourself. Giving from an unfulfilled place is not in integrity and ultimately leads to resentment. It’s time to value yourself and your needs. Nobody benefits when you are tired, rundown and overwhelmed. As Abraham-Hicks so aptly states, “Your greatest value to others is when you are joyful. Your greatest value to others is when you are connected. Your greatest value to others is to be radiantly happy and healthy. Your greatest value to others is to have and to be and to do all the things that are very important to you.”


What is important to you this year? What about this week? What about today?

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