The amazing thing about detoxing your life is that once you eliminate some of the toxins and clutter, you develop a heightened awareness of the ones that are still there.

Ultimate Life and Body Reboot

8 Weeks to Detox, De-Stress and Feel Better Than Ever

Would you go for a month or two without taking a shower? How about six months without washing your clothes or cleaning your house? Unthinkable, right? Yet most of us go years – even decades – without cleaning the inside of our bodies. All of our cells produce waste. This waste, much like the household trash, should be taken out on a regular basis.

Paying attention to your diet and exercise are great, but it’s only part of the picture. There’s actually ANOTHER factor you need to know…and that’s what I call “toxin buildup.” During this two-month program, you will release the toxins, clutter and other gunk from your body, home and environment that is literally weighing you down! You’ll find out which “trigger foods” are particularly harmful to your body. You’ll discover a dozen de-stress strategies to navigate your day with ease. This is a great place to begin if you want to free up tons of energy and feel great now.

Create Radical Change

Solve Your Biggest Issue by Clearing Mental and Emotional Clutter

Warning: This program is not for everyone. You’ll have to dig deep. Go beyond the surface to the root of your biggest issue. Maybe you work too much, procrastinate or are addicted to busyness. Perhaps you are stressed out, anxious or unfulfilled. Maybe you sense that there is more to life than what you are currently experiencing.

Most of us have blocks that are preventing us from maximizing our lives. These could be negative thought patterns, trapped emotions, unresolved experiences from the past, disempowering beliefs and other toxic ways of being. In this 5-month program, you’ll get the tools to identify and transform your biggest issue. You will discover the root cause and clear the blocks holding it in place. This program is designed for highly motivated women ready to commit to inner work, create lasting change and live the life they want.

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