It’s not easy being a badass

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What’s your definition of a badass?

Perhaps it’s someone who takes bold action and fearlessly steps into the unknown. Maybe it’s people who don’t give a rat’s patootie about what other people think about them. Or perhaps it’s someone who can accomplish enough work for three people with lightening speed and efficiency.

That last one used to apply to me. Back in my corporate days, if you wanted to make sure something got done, you gave it to me.

“Want something done? Give it to me. I am an efficient, organizational badass.”

Now, I’ve never actually said that to anyone. I didn’t have to.

I actually used to pride myself on this efficiency badassery. The problem? I just attracted more stuff on my plate to be efficient at.

The real badass realizes that being good at something does not mean you are meant to do it.

Take problem-solving and multitasking, for example. Like many women, you may have some ninja skills in this area. You’re used to putting out fires. Doing three things at once. Juggling the demands of friends and family. You’re good at it. But guess what you’ll attract into your experience? That’s right. More problems to solve. More things to juggle. It’s an addiction, really. The mind and the ego love all sorts of busyness.

The truth is, what you’re good at and what really makes your heart sing are often two different things. And that’s okay. My advice? Be a badass and follow the latter.

So what are the markings of a real badass? A real badass…
• Steps outside her comfort zone on a regular basis
• Embraces change
• Follows her own internal guidance
• Takes 100% responsibility for her own health and happiness

Embracing your badassery may not be the easiest path, but it could be just the thing to inject some fun, adventure and joy into your life.

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