Is your bathroom adding to your stress level?

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Bathroom stress
Did you know that even your bathroom can be a source of stress? It’s true. The toxins in your bathroom put stress on your body, which can then affect how you sleep, how you think and even your productivity.

There are 5 C’s to a toxic bathroom. How many are in yours?

1) Chlorine: taking a shower in unfiltered water is like drinking 7 glasses of tap water in terms of the amount of chlorine that is absorbed through the skin.

2 & 3) Closed window and Closed door: if you keep the bathroom door closed and window closed (or maybe your bathroom doesn’t have a window), you’re trapping the chlorine vapors in with you, and breathing them into your lungs.

4) Shower Curtain: most shower curtains are plastic, which means they outgas chemicals, especially when heated.

5) Chemicals in shampoos, soaps and other personal products we use: those get absorbed through your skin as well.

Shower head filter to the rescue
The good news is, you can easily detox your bathroom with these simple steps:

Step One: Get a shower head filter. Here is a link to the shower head filter I use: ShowerWise Filter. It reduces free chlorine by 95% – and removes or reduces combined chlorine, sulfur, mercury, sediment and iron oxide.

Step Two: Keep the bathroom door and window open.

Step Three: Upgrade your personal products. The next time you run out of your shampoo or soap, consider upgrading to a more natural alternative.

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