Sometimes things need to get radical.

I was in Spain on a business trip. Traveling with a small group of industry professionals I had met for the
first time just a couple of days before.

And then it happened.

The back of my head hit the wall. My face smashed into the cement floor. I was out.


I had passed out before. Many times, in fact.

But this time was different.

It was sooo public. So humiliating.

And there was a new, strange but peaceful in-between-ness …I wasn’t out cold, but I wasn’t fully conscious either. It was sort of….nice.

I suppose some people recognize more subtle wake-up calls. Apparently I needed a more dramatic, two-by-four-to-the-face variety to fully get the message.

Hello, Universe. I’m listening.

Years before, I had rationalized many of my earlier pass-outs as just “dehydration” or “jetlag.” I had blood work done to check for imbalances. Nothing. But when I crashed to the floor that day in Spain, I decided right then and there that something had to change…radically.

I started to consider how my mental and emotional state might have played a role in physical trauma. The car accident in high school might not have been “just bad luck” after all. Getting melanoma in my 20s might not stem from “a genetic disposition,” just as “dehydration” couldn’t quite explain passing out roughly once a year. My inner transformation had begun.

I now know that I was poisoning myself with negativity, stress, toxins, nutritional deficiencies, disempowering beliefs and unresolved anger. I didn’t come to this realization overnight, of course. It took years of trial and error.

I changed my diet and questioned everything I put in and on my body. I did cleanses, replaced amalgam fillings, upgraded my drinking water and switched to more natural products.

But I didn’t stop there.

The amazing thing about “detoxing your life” is that once you eliminate some of the toxins and clutter, you develop a heightened awareness of the ones that are still there, waiting to be released. You also begin to feel a whole lot better.

Lighter. More energetic. More ALIVE.

I kept going. I questioned the media I exposed myself to, the people I surrounded myself with, my thoughts… everything. I was ready to take a good look at my own B.S. I was willing to get whatever help was available.

I went to conferences and read countless books. I had my face read, my palms analyzed and my chakras balanced. I walked 500 miles across northern Spain. I studied nutrition, herbs, bodywork, energy work, longevity and the mind-body connection. I discovered that mental and emotional toxins are equally, if not more destructive, than the physical toxins we consume. 

Bottom line: When you are overloaded with stress, toxins, negativity and clutter, you’re essentially cut off from the greater, bigger YOU…the one that is naturally happy, healthy, energetic and peaceful.

So now I’m on a mission to help you dramatically lighten your load, so you can experience a new level of energy, clarity and vitality. I have created a system and streamlined the process, saving you thousands of dollars and years of trial and error. But warning! Things might get radical. But radical can be amazing!

Oh, by the way, I hit the floor in Spain back in 2008. I haven’t passed out since.


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